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Latex-Free Rug Pads

Rug Pad Pets was designed to have a product that was safer for pets, humans and better for rugs.  Because we put safety first, we committed to have ZERO LATEX in our products and use felt instead. 

Why Was This Important to Design a Latex-Free Rug Pad?

Latex Free
  • 3.6 million People are Allergic to Latex Rubber - choose a safer product so your family or any guests that enter your home will help ensure that no one gets sick from walking or sitting on any rugs in your home
  • Latex Rubber will damage and discolor Vinyl Plank Floors - Vinyl plank floors are the most common type of flooring people put in their homes today.  According to Shaw Industries & Mohawk, the largest manufactures of flooring in the US, using latex products on your floors like rug pads that contain latex, will discolor the flooring over time.  

Our Rug Pads Are Superior

Despite not using latex, our patented process ensures you still have a rug that won't slip, bunch, or damage your rug.  You can rest assured the rug pads from Rug Pad Pets will perform as well or better than any rug pad on the market but provide the added water protection you need.  Ready to experience the difference yourself? Order your rug pad here or call us at 844-427-0055 for any questions.

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