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Pet Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can give any home or business the luxurious look you desire, but unfortunately, hardwood floors can easily get stretched, dented, warped, or damaged.  Rugs are a great way to provide some protection especially in high traffic areas especially from the toenails of your dog or cat or from the occasional "accident".  

Our rug pads provide the protection you need, the padding you desire, all with the durability you won't find with other rug pads.  

Benefits of Rug Pad Wizard Pads for Hardwood Floors

Benefits of Rug Pad Wizard Pads
  • Keeps moisture from seeping to floor
  • Prevents rug curling 
  • Keeps rugs from slipping
  • Doesn't stick to or stain floor

Why Our Pads are Superior

Cheap rug pads often stick to the floor or leave a mark that can damage your floor.  Our rug pads are made from high end, natural materials that are eco-friendly and flooring friendly unlike many of our competitors that are made of synthetic or adhesive, plastic or glue. 

What Rug Pad is Best for My Hardwood Floor

We have several different rug pads that work well for rugs on hardwood floors, as well as protect them from pet accidents, so it's important to understand what your needs are to choose the right option.

Non-Slip Rug Pad

Rug Pad Wizard Pads for Hardwood Floors

When you need to prevent bunching, slipping and wrinkling of your rug, it is best to select a thinner rug pad that adheres tightly to the floor.  These work great on high traffic areas like by the front or back door and hallways.  Our superior design combines the protection for your floor and rug with the safety you need to help prevent tripping or sliding.

Cushioned Rug Pad

When you need a little extra cushioning, like in your living room, entertainment room, dining room, bedrooms or playroom, a cushioned rug pad is best to provide support when you are walking, playing, or sitting on the floor.  These rugs are often supported by furniture that helps to keep them flat and from slipping so the stronger grip our other pads provide isn't as essential. 

Our cushioned rug pad is great for shag rugs, high pile rugs or other thicker types. 

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